Who We Are - Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation 2017

Who We Are – Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation 2017

I'm Lynn CUNY founder and president of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation incorporated we're here in convey Lea Texas wildlife rescue was founded in 1977 the organization had humble beginnings in my backyard but the plan from day one was always to have what we now have a 200 acre sanctuary and actually our sanctuary is 212 acres we also have a rehabilitation clinic in San Antonio Texas that is where most of the animals come prior to coming up here to the sanctuary the mission of wildlife rescue is to rescue rehabilitate and release native species of birds mammals and reptiles we do that 365 days a year 24 hours a day in addition we have non-native species who we have rescued they cannot go back to the wild because this is not their native land those animals come here to wildlife rescue from abusive situations once they're here at the sanctuary that's behind them another aspect of our mission is the do no harm form and here the sanctuary we do rescue cows and chickens and goats and sheep and pigs and donkeys and mules and ducks and geese those are animals who usually are either slaughtered we get them from abusive situations as just situations of neglect we have a fully staffed rehabilitation hospital here at Wildlife Rescue a full-time veterinarian a full-time vet tech we also have vet tech interns who are learning how to care medically for wild animals and there is constantly animal care going on there the feeding of babies who have been orphaned whose mothers have been killed or trapped and removed the care of animals who have been injured all of that happens right here at the sanctuary the animals then go from the hospital into areas here at the sanctuary where they can continue their rehabilitation process before being set free thank for just a minute how vital it is that every animal on this planet every animal in this community has an advocate you can be that advocate you can educate yourself about the plight of these animals about what they're going through about what's being done to them and by doing that you can start to speak out for them you can make a difference you can make a difference like wildlife rescue has been making a difference since 1977 you can also help us to continue doing what we do every day it is vital that our life-saving work here at wildlife rescue continues please do what you can support us and all these