Vocal Coach Reacts To Luther VanDross | A House is not a Home | Live  | Ken Tamplin

Vocal Coach Reacts To Luther VanDross | A House is not a Home | Live | Ken Tamplin

Hey gang welcome back again to Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. This is going to be a special
video for my singer friends out there because I’ve been wanting to do a vocal
coach reacts to Luther Vandross for a really long time and for a very specific
reason Luther is a master at mixed voice and probably a lot of people don’t know
how much I really like him and appreciate his talent but let’s just go
ahead and dive into it and we’ll talk about it along the way here we go. I haven’t seen this so I’m hoping this is gonna be everything I’d hoped it
would be. So let’s check it out. A house not a home it’s live at the NAACP awards. I love his charisma. You got Dionne Warwick in the
audience. Okay. Now okay so again talk about mixed voice. (sings) right. Now
is he in chest and just using a lot of air. Is he in mixed voice down low or
is he just still in chest the whole time or is he entirely in head voice. You kind
of never know with him he’s that good at it right. He’s actually in mixed (sings) right he’s mixing his sound down
really low. Now he’s notorious for being able to mix really low, mix really high,
have a percentage of chest head mix anywhere in his vocal spectrum, his vocal
registration and the dude is just awesome. He’s gnarly man but let’s
continue to go rock here here we go. See that mix. Hear that. He’s mixing all over the place. So he’s not one just one voice. He’s sure got them in the palm of his hand that’s for sure. (sings) The tone the warmth of his sound is just off the
charts beautiful it’s like Barry White but not quite as no girthy but he’s got that
beautiful warm airy tone. His pitch is just spot-on, he’s got these sexy notes
and I love his charisma. He’s – it’s a very unpretentious sound. It’s not like you know you’re being forced to listen to this sound and he draws you into his sound
instead of you know demanding that you listen to it. So it’s very winsome so I
love that about it too. It’s just all the way around man it’s really cool. You can kind of like listen to it all day. You know what I mean. His vowels (sings). Good vowel placement. There’s that air. Good note. Did you (sings). He pulls it back in a really super
like a seamless head…chest mix. He pulls it back in a head. Now like I said he’s
one of the few guys that I know of in the R&B world that actually sing a high C
you know c5 for male tenor, belt it and then you know piano it’s called you
know (piano mezzo Forte) Forte and piano. You know come piano all the way back into a
mixed voice right or a chest resonance sound and then go back into that full
belting sound and that is very difficult to do so. So he goes from mezzo piano, mezzo forte from forte backword. Mixed voice. I love his confidence too. He’s got this perfect vowel placements.
You know guys have this singing course out and I know I talk about all the time but it’s
called How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else and I show you exactly how all this
stuff is done, how you can achieve it you can do this. Takes some time this..he did
not just walk in and all of a sudden start singing like this. You know he had
to work at this too. It took him a while I’m sure to figure some stuff out
but he is certainly a master and we learned from the Masters and he
absolutely is one of those guys that we can learn a lot from so let’s continue. There’s that mix pulling back. I’m gonna go ahead and stop here because it
goes on for it looks like another couple minutes doing the kind of similar
stuff but anyway do you guys get that (sings) that you know mixed voice or all the way
back in head voice in a really low position and bring in chest and pull
it back in a max and back forth that is some singing brothers. So anyway thank
you for joining me Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing.
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