Teaching Kids Compassion: The Compassion Experience (Releasing Children from Poverty)

Hi everyone. Hope you enjoy this video. For every 100 likes we get, we will donate $10 to Compassion International. And don’t forget to subscribe for more episodes. We’re at the Compassion Experience. This immersive exhibit lets you experience other cultures, the realities of global poverty, and how you can change the life of a child living half a world away. We’re picking up our mobile devices for the tour. And putting on our headphones. First, we’re going to the Kiwi story. Kiwi is a girl who lives in Bacolod City, Philippines. Once we’re in the room, we press ‘next’ to hear the audio recording. This is the hospital where kiwi was born. She was her parent’s fourth child and the first to survive during birth. We’re heading to room number two, the hut that Kiwi lived in. Her father often passes out from drinking too much alcohol. Her parents struggle to get by, selling food in the market. Then one day she got sponsored. She was able to attend school. We’re very fortunate to live in a place where we can attend school. On to the next room. The family moved to Manila for work, but the frequent floods that sweep trash, sewage and dead rats into their home often disrupt their lives. Kiwi’s bed was so tiny. And lastly, the room that Kiwi lived in when she grew up. This was her text book from college. And a picture from her wedding. Then I’m watching a video greeting from Kiwi. Now we’re going to Jey’s story. Jey, his three siblings, his mother and a man he calls “Dad” live in the poorest slum in Nairobi, Kenya. To support the family, Jey’s mother makes and sells illegal “changaa” (moonshine). Eventually Jey and his family moved in with his grandmother. There were 15 people living in the house. Look at the rice. That is one meal for 15 people. At nine years old, Jey was imprisoned for stealing and expressed fear that he will spend the remainder of his life in a jail cell. After being release from prison, Jey got sponsored by the Compassion Project and got to go to school. Eventually Jey overcame poverty and has now found his niche as a successful DJ and a youth minister. Now we’re looking at profiles of kids from all around the world that we could sponsor. Please consider the story of a child today. Find out if a tour is coming to a city near your at compassion.com/change. Please hit the subscribe button so you won’t miss a video. Also like and share this episode with your friends.