housing issue update - dont sign lease with landlords whose surname is Rayward in QLD Australia

housing issue update – dont sign lease with landlords whose surname is Rayward in QLD Australia

hi guys quick update with the housing situation so I applied for dispute resolution about six or eight weeks ago I think it was more like six weeks ago anyway they never got the application that must have been lost in the mail like snail mail so I've reapplied and I'm electronically sending it when I get home but basically what happened was on Wednesday just gone was the day the day of all days you know I was finding out whether my baby was having surgery or not and before I left to go the hospital I received a breach notice with an eviction warning because I hadn't paid for the plumber which isn't my responsibility by the way and there they hadn't received a notification that I was going to dispute that so as it stands everything's put on hold until they receive the dispute notification and it goes through our formal dispute process and then I'll either be breached or evict ador it'll be waived but I've had issues with these landlords ever since I've lived in these units so if you live in Queensland do not sign a lease if your landlords have the surname Raywood on it that's our a why W ard they own I've been told they own 8 separate properties on the south of Queensland like between the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast and Brisbane suburbs and some of them are unit so they've got several tenants they're rolling in cash and they illegally enter without an entry notice on several occasions as I have done for me they will illegally charge you rates water bills and they for me okay I live in our unit complexes three units they were charging me for lates water but not just for my usage the usage of the other two tenants and one of those tenants was a family of six now I'm a single mum on a pension and I do not receive the full pension yeah this is a type of they try to pull I've been charged the plumber entered without an entry notice as did the electrician for the smoke alarms as has the owner on two occasions note three occasions actually and this has been in probably the last eight months alone since I've been there so I'm going to dispute resolution about all of this they've illegally charged me for the plumber which is not my responsibility it's their responsibility to pay for maintenance that is carried out on the property as a other landlords so that's my housing update them and if you live in Queens rooms do not sign a lease with anyone that has the surname Raywood as you learn at landlords share this to all the single mums out there because they will take advantage of them as they have done with me they don't care your financial position yes status they're rolling in cash and they take advantage of and abuse their single parent tenants so yeah just putting that out there that's my update stay tuned peace out guys thanks for your support bye