Home – Day 7 – Stretch  |  30 Days of Yoga With Adriene

Home – Day 7 – Stretch | 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene

– Hi, everyone, welcome to Home,
your 30-day yoga journey. Today is Day 7, the day in which
we take a break off the wrists and we stretch it all. Let’s get started. (upbeat gentle music) Alright pals, today
we’re gonna begin standing. Your version. Go ahead and come to the center
of your mat and depending on how your mat’s oriented to
the screen that you’re using, you can kind of move it if you
need to now so you can see me. Otherwise, as always, please, thank you so
much for trusting me. Just use the sound of
my voice to guide you. And together we shall make our way back home today starting with a little love for
the shoulders and the traps. So you spend a lot of
time on your wrists yesterday. We’re gonna spend some time off
the wrists today and tomorrow. So I got you. Thank you for showing up.
Here we go. You’re gonna take your right
hand to your left shoulder, left neckline and you’re going
to use your fingers to just kind of press a little kneading
effect up and down through the neck line here. And obviously, this will be a
little different for everyone so just feel around in there. And today’s
practices called Stretch, but I’d like to
immediately ask you to just kind of stretch your mind. We’re not just
focusing on the body here. This is our yoga practice so we are uniting the mind and
the body with one other thing, and that is this notion, if you
will, or this essence of spirit. That part of you
that is not your body, it’s not your brain, it’s this
part that is uniquely you. And we’ll just put
it that way for now. So consider that as we
move through our practice, we are going to
give you a nice, sweet, stretchy little ditty. But I find the best way to
remember to connect to that spirit or that soul or
whatever you want to call it, this essence that’s
not your your body and not the story
that your mind tells but this other thing,
if you will. I think the best
way to tap into that ’cause it can be
kind of esoteric thing. We’re still massaging here,
get in there. I think the best way
to tap into that is by treating your breath with a little more respect. So it’s cool,
this is a practical tool. By paying
attention to the breath, by bringing more loving
awareness to the breath, I feel like we have a direct
line to connect to this essence that feels, you know,
more true, more like us. Alright, switch. Left hand
comes to the right shoulder. So if you haven’t already, begin to gently
deepen your breath. Activating the
breath as a means of yes, improving the health and
well-being of the mind and body, but also like
stirring up this essence that’s, this part of you that’s not just
your physical body, not just those muscles that need
a good stretch or a mind that needs to become calm,
more calm or still. Just a little
food for thought today, stretching, you know,
our mind’s eye, our imagination, our awareness
a little further beyond just maybe the physical body. And if not,
then let me tell you, you’re going to get
a good stretch on today and that’s wonderful as well. We’re giving a little
massage to the right neck line, shoulder line,
this big trap muscle. And as you continue
here on the right side, we’re also deepening the breath. You can just notice if you’re
locked out in the knees here. Maybe that is a
tendency and that’s a-okay but you can start to soften. Maybe you notice you’re carrying
a little bit of your weight in the back of your feet
or maybe in the front. Or maybe we notice the pattern
of the toes turned out which is no problem or
the toes turned in, all good but maybe we can
experiment with toes pointing forward, soft bend in the knees,
finding that lift up through the front, and as we release the
hands gently to our sides, finding that grounding
energy through the back. And we’re just
kind of turning on, right? Lighting up,
activating this awareness, this body awareness
from the soles of the feet all the way up to the crown. I’m gonna leave it to you to
find that breath awareness. Good and then on
your next inhale send the fingertips out
left to right, big stretch. And all the way
up towards the sky. Big breath. And then as you exhale, go ahead
and float ’em all the way down. Fingertips are going to
interlace behind your tailbone. You can square
off at the wrist here. Should feel really good
after yesterday’s practice or you can even work
to bring the palms together shoulder blades
really drawing in. So maybe you don’t
come here just yet. Maybe we can work
towards this bind. In the meantime, you can work
nice and open here in the palms, squaring the wrists.
Both really beneficial. And then find that
nice tall Mountain Pose, reinvigorate your breath. Inhale in. Exhale, drop your chin to your
chest and actively draw your knuckles down
towards your heels. Soften through the forehead,
soften your jaw. Then inhale, lift the chin
back parallel to the floor, release the fingertips
and with a big breath in reach up towards the sky. Excellent, this time
palms come together, we interlace the fingertips up
and overhead and then you can keep the index
fingers extended here. We call this steeple grip,
reaching up high. Dig into all four
corners of the feet, especially the heels if
you live in your toes a lot, which a lot of people do, and
we’re gonna take it nice and easy over to the right side as you bump the hips
actively to your left. So we’re reaching to the right as we bump the
hips actively to the left. Big, big, big stretch.
Inhale, lift the chin slightly. Exhale from center.
Come all the way back through. Good, inhale,
stand a little taller. Ground through the feet. Exhale, tip it over to the left. Actively reaching right
hip bone towards the right. Here we go, hug the
low ribs in you got this. Pull the thumbs back. Inhale, lift your
chin just slightly. And then exhale from
your core from center, come all the
way back up through. Beautiful.
Inhale to reach for the sky. Exhale, float
the fingertips down. We’re gonna interlace
behind the back again. This time see if you can
take the opposite thumb on top. So even if you don’t remember,
just feel it out. It’s gonna be the one
that feels a little funky. A little weird,
which weird is good. In my humble opinion.
What do you think, Benji? He said keep it weird, okay. Opening up through the chest,
stretching through the forearms, little wrist love here. Little bit unique to everyone,
not a little bit, very unique to everyone, so it’s
hard to do kind of a one size fits all I’ve realized
in this experience with Yoga With Adriene has really
I think made me a better teacher and taught me
just how true this is. So honor the natural
curvature of your spine but there is a tendency maybe
here to let the pelvis tilt out. So you might consider
lengthening your tailbone down and it might feel like your hip
points are going up high towards the sky when you do that. Just getting your
center underneath you. Okay, inhale in here. Exhale, listen carefully. You’re going to bend your knees. Now we’ll take
the hips way back. You’re going to draw a big line
with the knuckles all the way up towards the ceiling as
you come into a Forward Fold. Breathe, breathe, breathe. You can bend your knees as
generously as you like here. And then the shoulders are kind
of going to want to defy gravity here as you reach the
knuckles up towards the sky. So we find a little lift up and
out of that ball and socket for three, you’re doing great. Two, careful to not
hold in the neck here. Don’t want to create
any unnecessary tension. And on the one, bend the knees,
dig into the heels, roll it back up and simply
release back to your Mountain. Excellent. Pause, just observe the breath. What if that were true? What if we could
consider the breath our spirit? So instead of breathing deep
or mastering these pranayama techniques, because that is
what we’re told to do in yoga, we peel back one
more layer of the onion and we see that there’s always a why behind the doing and that it can
be unique to us all and we can also share meaning but what if your
breath were your spirit? Day 7. Okay. We’re gonna step
the feet nice and wide. You guys get what I’m saying? So it’s not like, “Oh, Adriene
told me to breathe deep and “breathing deep is good for me.”
It’s like, why? What is that connection
and what can it do for you? If you were to just
maybe stretch your mind, open your mind a little
bit beyond just the task. Oh, yeah, we’re going home. We’re going
there this year, guys. Turn your big toes in. Really press into the
outer edge of the feet. If your mat’s a
little bit slippery, this is common,
use what you got, baby. There is this strong, powerful
tool of the midline to kind of actually like it’s almost like a
superhero vibe where instead of just spilling
into the earth, right, we’re creating this yielding.
We’re lifting up. This is also how we take a lot
of pressure out of the joints in many of these postures. Okay, speaking of the superhero, go ahead and bring your
hands to the waistline here. Just pay attention. What’s going on in the hips,
in the pelvis? Is it coming in?
Are we sitting here? Ey! Or can we kind of
stack up through the spine? Alright, inhale in. Keep the hands on the hips. I’m going to come to the back
edge here but you’re probably fine wherever you are. Try to keep this
open as we inhale in. Use the image of leaning
forward to look into a pond to kind of keep this open. Elbows are gonna draw back,
best you can. Neck is gonna be nice and long,
just like we do in that halfway lift in our Sun Salutations. And we’re finding that
nice straight line here. Now, you may come here before
the spine starts to round and so just stay here. So I’ve been practicing long. I can send my sits bones back. I can hug my front body kind of
up defying gravity to meet my back body and create
this nice flat back position. But just play and then notice how your breath has
kind of disappeared. This conscious,
deep, full breath. Bring it back in. Excellent, now
ground through the feet. Draw energy up from the arches
of the feet through the inseam of the legs and slowly
begin to rise back up with that flat back
position in mind. Yay! Excellent. Alright, from here we’re
gonna bring the heels in and keep the toes out. You might bring your stance in
just a little bit more so that your feet are just a little
bit wider than hip width apart. Alright, hands are to
come to the thighs here. This should feel good after
yesterday’s Ignite practice. You’re going to take your hands
to the tops of the thighs sink deep down into this
Goddess or God-like pose, also known as Horse Pose. And we’re just gonna
slowly get down real low. Start to wake up
these beefy muscles, the quads. And then inhale in,
lift your chest, your heart. Exhale, you’re gonna dip your
right shoulder down towards the center, coming in through
center as you twist to the left. So there’s a little bit of a
tendency to collapse right ear to right shoulder here.
I see it all the time. But you guys have your awareness
from the crowd to the tail to play with here and
it’s gonna help you get a better twist
in that mid back. This is part of the back that
doesn’t get a lot of movement, in my opinion. So we’re here. We’re also
stretching these beautiful, yummy muscles
in the front line that we fired up yesterday. Inhale to come back to center. If you can, try to stay nice and
low if the legs are tired or if you’re waking up these muscles
for the first time in a long time, you can
straighten the legs. It’s not cheating.
It’s listening to your body. And we’re going to
take it to the other side. Still with the shoulders. Find the yumminess, that
stretch in the upper back. Try to keep the
neck nice and long. Hug low ribs in. Again, we’re trying
to get a twist in that thoracic spine as well. If the knees are coming in here, use your tools from
all your Warriors. Press in to the
outer edges of your feet. Take one more breath,
sink nice and low. And then back to center, feel free to straighten
the legs here. We’re gonna take it
one more time to each side and just listen to
the sound of your breath. Back to center if
you haven’t already, taking it to the right. Mhmmm, mhmmm and then back
to center, here we go. We’ll rise up strong, the
toes are going to stay out. You might widen your stance for
this one if you want to really take up space,
which I encourage. Here we go, Star Pose. Think of just the
big X marks the spot. Lengthen tailbone down. Shoulder blades
in together and down. Upward current of
energy through the front body. If you feel comfortable here,
close your eyes. Feel your breath lift you. And feel the exhale,
soften the shoulders. Again, use the
inhale to fuel an expansion. And use your exhale to
feel a softening, a surrender. Do one more on your own.
You got this. See what happens. Beautiful, slowly
float the hands down. We’ll take them
back to the waistline. Alright, so toes now
I’m going to turn forward. So we did out,
we did in, now forward. Reset through the
spine nice and long. Soft bend in the knees.
Here we go. You’re going to inhale, reach
the arms all the way up towards the sky, big breath. Exhale, nice and easy. We’re gonna
take the left fingertips all the way towards
the right toes. Keep your right
arm reaching up high. Great, inhale, come
back all the way up, fingertips reach
towards the sky. Exhale, right
fingertips to left toes. So most of us are like, “Oh, I’ve done this
in gym class before.” But can you bring all of the
vocabulary that we’ve learned together thus far
into this little dance? Inhale, reach up high. Exhale, slow and steady,
draw your navel in and up. Shine your butt to the back. Think of the body
as one moving part here. Just see what that does
and careful not to rush it. So we’re going back and forth. Find your own rhythm. I’m not going to cue it, but
you’re going to inhale to center and exhale to twist. And moving with a nice,
honorable breath helps here. If for some
reason today you are, maybe you’re on the
road in a hotel room. You’re practicing. Home is where the heart is. Maybe you’re not
actually at your physical home. If space is tight, you can
do this nice and underneath yourself as well. So keep it going. If you can find a nice audible
breath here for this last round. And just a little
micro bend in the knees, my friends, careful not to lock. Okay, go ahead and even it out. One more on each side. And then I’ll meet
you back at the top. Inhale, reach of the sky. You’re gonna heel-toe, heel-toe, very ancient philosophical yogic move. Heel-toe, heel-toe your feet
so that your heels are right underneath your hips. Volcano Pose. Palms face each other as
if you’re holding a sphere. Thumbs back, pinkies forward. Keep ’em up, you got this. Hug the low ribs in. Find that
containment in your middle. Good, inhale in. Exhale, slow and steady,
just the right arm comes down. And slow and steady
left arm all the way down. Mountain Pose, Tadasana. Great work. Okay, now we’re gonna
step to the top of the mat, nice and slow. Zip the legs together,
really together. Feel the zip. (chuckles) There’s a theater game,
“Zip, Zap, Zop,” if you know it. I’m sorry, (laughs)
no, just kidding. If you know it
tell us in the comments. I love it. Okay, shifting our
weight to the right foot. Peel the left heel up,
just the left heel. Interlace the fingertips. You’re gonna lift
your left knee up as if it were on a
marionette string. Use your core
and we’re just gonna squeeze that left
knee up and in. You should feel nice
stretch in the left glute. Squeeze, squeeze,
squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Rotate the right ankle
one way and then the other. And then here stay where you are
or option to open it up to the left just a little bit. Digging into all four
corners of that right foot. We’re here or
opening up just a bit. Great, and then slowly release. Zip the legs together,
find your midline. And then same
thing on the other side. Shifting weight,
spreading it evenly through all four corners
of your left foot. Activate. Activate and then
lift your right heel first. Then the marionette string. I have my middle,
my center involved. Then squeeze and lift, rotate
the ankle if it feels right. Then stay here tagging
a little weight down in the shoulders or the elbows. Option to open it up here, maybe
hooking right elbow to the right knee or using your hand. If you fall off balance way
to give it your best effort. Way to have fun and way to
throw yourself off balance. Alright, let that go. Zip up the legs super tight. Big inhale to reach for the sky. Palms kiss together. Jai Namaste and we
take it all the way down, Forward Fold. Breathe here.
Bend your knees. Feel that
stretch in the low back. Awesome. Inhale, catch a wave,
halfway lift here. Exhale to soften and fold. Inhale, reach for the sky,
ground through the feet. Big breath, big stretch. Exhale, hands to heart. Shift your weight
to your right foot. Peel your left heel up high. This time we’re gonna
lift the the left toes up, left heel and we might reach
behind to catch the left ankle or the top of the left foot. Then squeeze your left knee in, get that great stretch
through the quad, lengthen tailbone down,
as we discussed before, to feel more
spaciousness and ultimately more impactful stretch, perhaps. A more sensational stretch. One singular
sensation (humming). He takes it.
We’re balancing, Adriene. Here we go. Go ahead and flip your
hand to the left inner arch or you can keep it
there when gonna start to kick this left foot
back nice and slow. Take your right hand forward
to balance, your choice. Palms face up or palm face down. Then we’ll take
the heart forward. Just focus on the sensation,
the journey. We’ll visit this posture again along this ride. Just kicking left foot out,
opening up through the chest. Use that inhale to really
expand, expand, expand. And exhale to ground. Good, and then
slowly reel it back in. Hug the left knee
up into the chest. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.
And then release. Right into the other side. Zip the legs up tight. Stand up tall, breathe in. Breathe out. Lift the right heel. And here we go,
lifting the right toes. We’re gonna grab the top of
the foot or the ankle first. Get that big stretch in the front of the right
hip crease, the quad. Shoulders stay relaxed,
heart lifted. You might just work here today. If we’re working on a
little balance and stability, you might use a wall or a chair
or a piece of furniture to just be here and work with
some of this vocabulary. So try not to get
discouraged. Right? Work with what you got and stay present with yourself
on this ride back home. We got this.
Here we go. Option to flip the hand
to the right inner arch. Squeeze that right knee in,
inhale in. Find the lift.
Let your breath lift. Exhale, we start to
kick the right foot out. Soft bend that standing leg. You got this.
Here we go. Experimenting on the other side,
using the breath to lift and expand in and using
the exhale out to ground. Soften, balance it out. Soften. Beautiful. One more breath here,
you got it, inhale. And that exhale from center,
navel draws in. That’s what reels everything all the way back in
like a fishing line. And we’ll squeeze
the right knee up and in. Stack up through the
spine and then ever so gently, best you can, place
that right foot down. Awesome.
Here we go. From here, send the
fingertips out left to right. Big inhale. Capture some magic.
Bring it in. Namaste, palms together. Twice more like that.
Inhale, out. Gather it up. And bring it back in. And now you know the action,
you can soften your gaze or close your eyes
for this last one. Here we go. Inhale, spread the fingertips. Take up space.
Remember that Star Pose? Reach all the way
up towards the sky. And then bring it back down
inward towards your heart. Towards home. Pause. Observe. Just notice. Thank you for sharing your time
and your amazing energy with me and all of the people who
showed up for practice today, Day 7. Take a deep breath in. And as you exhale,
bow your head to your heart. Tomorrow is a wonderful day
(chuckles) so please don’t miss it, Day 8. But in the meantime, thank you. I wish you well. Namaste. (upbeat gentle music)