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Home – Day 5 – Soften | Yoga With Adriene

– Howdy everyone. Welcome to Home,
your 30-day yoga journey. Today is Day 5.
High five. And today we soften. Let’s get started. (upbeat gentle music) Alright pals, welcome back. Let’s begin
today’s practice seated. Come on down to the ground. Try to get comfortable here. So little adjustments moving the fleshy part of
the buttocks aside. Choosing to let go
of the day thus far. Really land on your mat here. You know, honoring, choosing,
celebrating that you have taken this time for yourself. Come on down to the ground and
as you get settled in see if you can close your eyes or just
begin to soften your gaze a bit, allow the sound of
my voice to guide you. And perhaps now is
a good time here on Day 5 to just extend a little nod of gratitude to you
for allowing the sound of my voice to guide you,
for showing up here and taking this time for you. Begin to soften. What does that mean? What could it mean
for you today to bring your awareness
to the act of softening? It’s interesting, right? Sometimes I like to
guide softening or Sukha, this idea of ease before activation, Sthira. This idea of creating
strength and stability. This year, I chose to do
our Sthira or our activation practice first because that’s
kind of where we gravitate. We all work a bit hard. So now that you know
you have that discipline, that act of doing, today we’re
going to undo a little bit and we’re still gonna
have a full practice, but we’re gonna see if we can
find that Sukha or that ease. We’re gonna see if we can find
places where we can get the same amount of benefits
but work a little less. So we activated the breath. We’re going to remember that
that dance comes first so that hopefully we can
allow the breath to do some of the hard work for us. Less effort today. More ease. As you ready, draw
all the palms together. Let’s take a deep inhale in. Fill up. And enjoy a
long breath out, soften. Again, big inhale. See if you can
lift your heart a bit. Try to find a lift. This feeling of expansion
and lifting on the inhale. And a bit of a softening. Anything that might
be gripping or tight or holding on the exhale. Good, and one
more just like that, big inhale, fill up. And long exhalation. Excellent. Go ahead and open the
eyes if they’re closed. Bring the
fingertips to your sides. Inhale to reach one arm
all the way up and over, any arm, big side body stretch. Exhale to come back to center.
Find a softness, an ease. So same little bit but finding a little bit of a smooth flavor all the way up and
over the other side. Yeah, Benji! Softening into the earth,
coming back to center. Now we’re going to
take the fingertips forward. You’re gonna uncross the legs. So you have one leg in front
of the other and just very easy slowly walking the
fingertips forward. We used to call this
spider fingers with the kids. So spider fingers forward. You can come all the way forward
forehead towards the earth, or you can keep
it nice and soft. Maybe just coming
to the forearms here. Continue to gently
deepen your breath, activating. Nice conscious breath. Then from your center,
navel draws in and up. So try and move
from that center point, we’re going to take
the fingertips back. Fingertips can stay on the earth or maybe the palms
come all the way down. We’re gonna loop the
shoulders forward, up and back. Start to lift through
the chest as you breathe in. Stay here or maybe you
lift the hip points forward. Lifting the bum up
for a big breath in. And then softening on the exhale
as you bring it back down. Excellent. From here, whatever
leg is in front, just switch it. You’re gonna bring it behind and we’ll take those
spider fingers back out. Nice and easy. Maybe to the forearms, maybe all
the way forehead to the earth. Start to go inward here. Again, affording
yourself this time, this precious time to go in, walk inside. Wipe your feet at
the doormat and step in. Alright. Slowly coming
back through center. Try to move
from that core point, whatever that means to you.
Fingertips go back. Maybe palms to the earth,
maybe not. And on a big inhale,
we find a lift. Lifting the chest, drawing
the shoulder blades together, finding that connection
behind your heart space. Maybe the hip points lift up,
maybe not, opening, opening, opening. And then using your exhale
to slowly bring it through. Awesome. We’re gonna come all the
way forward on to all fours, but how you move matters
here, so take it nice and slow. Breathing deep as you go. Spread the palms wide, walk the
knees underneath the hip points, press in to the tops of the feet and right away let’s
sync up with the breath. Here we go.
Inhale, drop the belly, open the chest for Cow Pose. Exhale, claw through the
fingertips actively as you round through Cat Pose. Inhale, drop your belly. Cow Pose,
as I look at my cow dog. And exhale chin to chest,
round through, claw through the fingertips. Now try to sync up with your
own rhythm here of breath. Perhaps you start to
welcome an audible breath here. If you’re familiar with Ujjayi,
the victory breath, that oceans sound, maybe you
sync up with that here or try. And then bring it back to
a nice, neutral straight line. Walk the hands out a
bit and nice and easy here, we’re gonna just find a
little sway from left to right. Pressing evenly
through the fingertips, the knuckles, really rooting
down in that fleshy part of the hand between your
index finger and thumb. Then from here,
keep swaying, nice and easy. Soft, easy movement is
the name of the game today. Curl your toes under and with
this sway you’re going to lift one knee and then the other
and continue the swaying motion, just do your best. We’re here to explore all the
way up to Downward Facing Dog. And then let that
entrance inspire some movement
here that feels good. Wiggling the hips,
bending the knees, pedaling it out
through the feet. Keep that connection between
the index finger and thumb. Upper arm bones rotate out. Great and we’ll find stillness
for one cycle of breath here, melting heart back. Finding a softness
in the neck, the jaw. And then bending the knees,
looking forward, carving a line with a nose
you’re going to take slow baby steps all the way up,
finding that sway. Feet hip width
apart or flush together, just nice conscious footing. If you have a
little animal nearby, you can give them a little pet. Soft pet. And if not,
I’ll share mine with you. He just made us
sound like (groans). And then here we go.
Let’s roll it up nice and slow. Listen to the sound of
your breath as you do this. Stack up through the spine. As you take your next
inhale in, find the length, see if you can lift the heart,
lengthen through the crown and just take a moment here in
Mountain Pose to soften through the fingertips, soften
the skin to the forehead, the jaw, but find
your activation, right? Find those lifts, those locks. Find those places where you can
lift up through the front body. And recognize that downward
energy through the back body. Inhale in. Long exhale out. Relax your shoulders down. Beautiful, inhale to
sweep the arms up and overhead, big stretch. Exhale, Forward Fold,
all the way down. Soft fingers today. Just wiggle your
fingertips as you rain it down. Big inhale lifts you
up halfway, find length. On the exhale that wave crests
and falls as you Forward Fold. Beautiful, bend your knees,
fingertips come to the mat. Light a little
energy up in your core as you step the right foot back. Lower the right knee. Inhale, open the chest,
loop your shoulders forward, up and back, look forward. Exhale, pull that
left hip crease back, flex your left toes
towards your face. Big stretch here. Inhale to roll
all the way forward. Lift the back knee up. Exhale to plant the palms,
step the left toes back, Plank Pose. Inhale to shift forward,
look forward. Exhale with control the lower
all the way down to the belly. Inhale Bhujangasana,
a little baby Cobra here. Keep it small, soft and easy. Exhale, slowly release
forehead back to the mat. Alright, listen carefully,
curl the toes under. Press up just
to all fours, inhale. And then exhale, peel the hip
creases all the way up and back, Downward Facing Dog,
soft and easy here. Inhale in deeply here. Find a soft sway or wiggle of
the hips as you breathe out. Excellent, bend the knees,
look forward. Find that little sway as you
take your baby steps all the way up to the top of the mat. Feet hip width apart or
flush together, your choice. Big inhale lifts you
up halfway, find length. Catch a wave here. Exhale, soften and fold inward. Good, bend the knees.
Fingertips kiss the mat. Light a little fire in
your belly, here we go. We’re gonna step the
left foot back this time. Lower left knee to the earth. And if you want to create a
little more space here at any time, just walk
that left knee back. Walk the back knee towards
the back edge of the mat. Good, inhale to open the chest,
look forward here. Exhale, peel the
right hip crease back, flex your right
toes toward your face. Good, inhale to
roll all the way forward. Lift the back knee. We’re gonna plant the palms,
step the right toes back, Plank Pose. So just ask yourself here,”Am I
working harder than I need to? “Am I putting in more effort?” Not just in a physical,
but in your mental state too. Good, inhale, shift forward
on the toes, look forward. Squeeze the elbows in,
you got this. Slowly lower with control
all the way to the belly. Inhale, Cobra.
Lift it up nice and easy. Exhale, soften and fold. Again, curl toes under,
just all fours. Big inhale lifts you up. And then exhale,
peel the hips back, lead with the tail,
Downward Facing Dog. Awesome, shake the
head a little bit here. Big inhale. And long, long exhale. Awesome anchor
through the left heel. On your next breath in, slowly
lift the right leg up high. Dial the right toes down. Then when you’re ready, bend
your right knee or we’re gonna stack the right
hip over the left. Peek at me if you need to,
take your time. Press into both palms evenly. You can turn
your gaze underneath your right armpit chest here. Nice, then inhale in, big stretch expansion
through the right side body. On an exhale, move slow. Careful not to rush. Bring your right
knee all the way through, all the way up
and into your lunge. Good, so we’ve been here before. We know we can
lower that left knee down. Otherwise, we’ll experiment
with keeping it lifted. Squeezing the
inner thighs together. Finding that activation,
tuck the chin and roll it up, high lunge. I love the roll up
’cause you can really feel everything turn on. Bend that front knee. (chuckles) Find your breath. Squeeze inner
thighs to the midline. Find your center. Hands on the waistline
or we’ll reach for the sky. Nice. So if you get up
here and you’re like, “Whoa.” For whatever reason,
this is too much today, bring that back knee down. The earth is there to catch you and we’re so lucky
that that is the reality. So bring that back
me down if you need to. If the back knee is lifted. Use your next inhale
to straighten both legs and let your breath lift you. Lift from the pelvic floor,
lift the heart. Straighten,
straighten, straighten. And then exhale, bend the
knees, front knee bends deeply, micro bend in that back leg. Two more just like that.
Inhale, the breath lifts you. Exhale, shoulders
relax with control, we bend. One more, inhale, it lifts you. Press in to all four corners of
that front foot for stability. And then exhale, we bend. Softening in.
Great, here we go. Opening up Warrior II. We’re gonna
pivot on the back foot, back toes turn in. We want to make sure
we’re not shifting forward here, but find center. Stack head over heart,
heart over pelvis. We want to create
a nice healthy line. A little highway in the spine for your energy
to flow with ease. Pull the pinkies back,
lift your chest. Now pause here. Lean into your strength. Are there places
that you can soften? Notice your breath. Great, then reach
the right fingertips forward, really forward.
Take up space here as you reach all the way up
drawing a big rainbow. We’ll start to straighten
through the front leg, taking the right fingertips
all the way up and back. Big stretch here.
Big shape. And then find a softness, a playfulness here
as you inhale in. Exhale,
cartwheel all the way back, bending that front knee. Coming all the way back
in through to your lunge. Back knee can stay lifted or
it can lower as we continue the journey, spiraling the heart
towards the right and taking the right fingertips,
soft fingers here, all the way up towards
the sky for a big twist. Breathe in, lift. Exhale, take it down. Nice work, everyone. Plant the palms,
steps the right toes back. Shift forward all the way. Lower all the way to your belly. Inhale, Cobra, nice and easy. Exhale, bring it down softly. Curl the toes under,
press up to all fours. Take a deep breath in. And then peel the tailbone up as you exhale to
Downward Facing Dog. Good. Inhale in. Empty it out, let go. Anchor the right heel. Inhale, slide the left leg up high,
Three-Legged Dog. Turn your left toes down. Good, then bend your left knee. Keep your right heel dragging
down as you open up through the left side, stacking the
left hip over the right. There’s going to gonna be a
tendency to collapse all of the weight into
your right side, right foot, right hand, see if you can
press and both palms evenly. Great, maybe take your
gaze to look underneath the left armpit chest, really open. Inhale in, exhale,
nice and slow, bring that left
knee all the way down, in and all the way
up in to your lunge. Here we go. Activate, find your breath. When you’re ready,
tuck the chin. Roll it up, roll it up,
roll it up, roll it up. Benji’s rolling it up too. Good front knee over front
ankle as we find our footing. Such a personal journey, right? So there’s no rush. There’s no rush to
catch up with me or mimic me. Find your footing. Notice where your thoughts go. Are you making this harder
than you need to for yourself? I’m not saying you are.
I’m just, just asking questions. Hands on the waistline
or we reach for the sky. Ready? Let your breath
do the work for you. Let your breath do the
hard work, nothing else. Here we go, inhale, reaching up
straighten both legs. Lift high. Exhale, softening in,
bend the knee. Slight micro bend
in that back knee. Inhale, reach it up. Strong and steady. Exhale, bend. Inhale, last time to
lift, lift, lift. Lift up from the pelvic floor, press away from
your yoga mat, reach. Excellent, bend your front knee,
pivot on the back foot and nice and slow,
let’s open up Warrior II. To the right. Find your footing. Again, back toes are turned in. There is a bit of a tendency
to kind of lean forward here, so pull it back, strong base. And then spine nice and long. Great. Pull the pinkies back and
just observe your breath here. Press into the outer
edge of that back foot. Press into the ball
joint of your left big toe. Hug the low ribs in,
you’re doing great. Soften. Gorgeous, then
flip your left palm up, reach it forward, up, take
up space here as you draw big rainbow straightening through
the front leg all the way up and back, nice long beautiful
neck here as your reach. (sighs) Thank you
body for moving with me, (chuckles) for taking
me on this journey. And here you go, soft
playfulness as we bend the front knee, cartwheel
it all the way back. We’re headed into a twist,
take your time. Right hand to the earth,
maybe right knee to the earth, maybe not as we slowly
peel the left fingertips up. Soft fingertips here,
take a deep breath in. Lift a little higher. And then exhale to bring
it all the way back down. Awesome work.
Plant the palms, here you go, you’re gonna step
the left toes back, Plank. So you can keep the knees
lifted here or you can lower. And we’re gonna
find just a soft, easy sway from left to right. Nice and easy. If this is to
watch on the wrist, this is actually
really good for the wrists, believe it or not, if you’re
clawing through the fingertips and pressing into the knuckles, but we can always come
onto the forearms here. And we’re just finding a soft
sway for five, stick with it. Four, stick with it. Find that softness. Let your breath
do the hard work. Three, two and one. Slowly lower to the knees. Bring the big toes to touch. Knees as wide as the mat. Send the hips back. Extended Child’s Pose,
awesome work. Close your eyes.
Relax your head. Relax your heart. Soften everything. Listen to your breath. Trust that this
time is valuable. And it really doesn’t
matter what happens on the mat, what you achieve. But simply showing up
and your willingness to both activate and soften is enough. Right? The strength
and the grace. Take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. And on your next inhale,
begin to lift the head, slowly come back up. Good, we’re gonna come all
the way through to all fours, walk the knees underneath the
hips and then you gonna cross one ankle over the other. Be mindful, use your hands
here to slowly come all the way through back to Sukhasana. Let’s take a second
here to sit up nice and tall. The easy pose,
not always so easy, right? If you’ve ever experimented with
a meditation or any sort of, you know, just quiet sitting. Some days you land, (sighs) easy. And some days not so easy. In this shape here,
Sukhasana, we find that ease. We find this lift
up through the front, this grounding through the back. And we just take a second here
to close the eyes or soften the gaze and find stillness and see
if you can just notice any areas of the body or, I’m
thinking these days too, the mind where you might be putting in a little more
effort than necessary. I truly believe that
with regular practice, we can create a life for
ourselves where we feel like we’re working for
ourselves rather than against. And it’s in our daily practice
that we get the opportunity to safely experiment and
explore and practice that. And you may not notice or
have that aha moment on the mat, but it may be something that
you notice off the mat or maybe something that
someone that you know sees in you or
recognizes in you. Just a little food for thought. Take a second
here to just notice. Let your next
big inhale lift you, whatever that means to you. And on the exhale,
you’re gonna twist to one side, any side, opposite hand
coming to opposite knee. And then your other arm will
come behind to support you in keeping a nice tall spine. Soft and easy twists are great
to practice Sukha because we tend to crank into them a lot
here in the asana practice. Great, go ahead and
release it back to center. Again, whatever
this means to you, let your inhale lift you. And use the exhale
twist to the other side. Awesome, slowly
release back to center. Bring the hands together. One final time, we’ll
take a big inhale together. Let it lift you. And use your exhale to bow. Thanks everyone. Namaste. (upbeat gentle music)