‘Ethnocirkusz’.  Social Circus Project in Sajókaza

‘Ethnocirkusz’. Social Circus Project in Sajókaza

Serkis is for me a way of communicating a way of communicating with people and so yeah but that’s what I wanted to do here with Circus through circus and movement we want to communicate with the people and the children and their young guys here our project provides training to the kids so they learn different skills which is always useful you learn how to balance you learn how to juggle this can have an impact on your brain but mainly I notice the impact is a social impact the kids get to know us we come from different countries they warm up with us we get a hug we get a smile and they change their behavior and they see that aggression and violence and the show of our strength is not all they need in life they it can be friendly and have success with that we develop different different skill and knowledge in them actually this will work to improve their outer confidence the manager of a different type of art of the circus at Cedar quizzes as Melaleuca 2.90 seek a gigantic rocket Lanza Megara for Lackawanna metallic said my dialogue pollutant oh shoot I really hope you shock it artists show me as I am at the Dogma Kazami Raquel Felicia it should help dynamic to the action and it upset him but under 2 yo Keem exception of snacky as many fantastic Usama gigantic with high dam as threatening corneas at McAfee oughta lock nut as Iranians an idea Neda you think is back arresting Kappa Beluga I’m – my lap at Easter I hope it will or brings them possibilities how to spend their time how to sit and wait if they don’t have work or so they find some new ways to play express themselves community’s been strange good bad lots of things and we’ve wondered sometimes about people’s reactions but I think in general the whole community here I totally underestimated their behavior and how they welcomed us and how they treat us it’s a taking with my challenge it’s wonderful share that they are Roma but also they are artists they can share to the people that they are brought about themself we can do something really really really nice that the other can do for the success it’s great that the circus can offer this possibility and also for sure we want to give them the tools to to change their reality for me it’s very remarkable to see how an international team can work together and the success we have with that is incredible they expressed a lot of gratitude they expressed a lot of joy they really all joined in so they have all none of them have run away and nobody escaped they all wanted to do it so I think this is really nice that kind of spontaneous resilience and practical thinking and coming together and being positive has been really fantastic this weekend it says make choco cars that were made on Cagney ad you saw me Acharya Shree Vanya at all I said I see a kid who stabbed water on a Fiat elope mixer that animal hotner a dish coli octo – chattering attached novella judicata syllabus if any idea to see – a vehicle to decrease latnok mileage – ooh canal integrity program okay now we’re deep in the jungle I disrespect Italia even as Mac I think the project was very successful because we could keep all the participants motivated during the program and its really nice and yeah we became such a nice team from only a group and we liked to see that process and I’m sure the the harder part of the process is coming but I think it it can be successful in the end it’s great to see how much love and commitment there is in the students that take part in the project well I hope it’s for the participants that it’s help them unlock themselves a little bit and find a way that they can be proud of themselves and find a way in the world for me it’s amazing experience I expected like this really I’m grateful that we met like cheers like the team so thank you it really makes me feel like I want to come back and it also makes me feel like if you really want to achieve something here you have to stay for much longer than a week and you have to stay at the f2 or keep coming back and follow it up and luckily that’s what the juggling Association is going to do because that’s really important that we now continue and I think this school is an amazing place in a really nice wonderful great place for them with great people