5 Ways To Make Money As A Realtor - Real Estate Coaching

5 Ways To Make Money As A Realtor – Real Estate Coaching

what's up everyone is chasing J miles you're a Dallas Texas real estate agent for Rogers Healey & Associates in each week I bring it to you real I tell you about working in the real estate industry what you need to do to build a successful real estate business and so this week I'm going to give you five things you need to make sure that you're doing as a brand new real estate agent so stay tuned alright so number one easiest thing that you can do as a resume agent is hold open houses and so hopefully you're at a brokerage that maintains a lot of listings so I would recommend reaching out to some agents especially if you're a new agent and you don't really have any listings reach out to an agent who does have listings and ask them can you hold their home open it's a quick and easy way for you to bring in leads so pretty much how this works is you hold their listing open you promote the open house but anybody that visits the open house that's not represented by another realtor you get to have them as your your client or your lead and build a relationship with them so this is a very quick and easy way that you can start to get in leads for your business the second way that you can start to get in leads and that you can build your real estate business is cold calling and I know a lot of people are super terrified on the phone I am too it took me so long to even pick up the phone to dial a number and I mean I was shaking just trying to get it done but I will say cold calling is a very effective way to get business um I recommend maybe cold calling expired or sometimes even canceled listings or if owners maybe take their listings off the market or especially for Sale By Owner so cold calling them and like there's so many scripts out there on the internet that that you used to try to convert these people to at least an appointment so that way you can get in front of them and show them why you're going to be a better agent to list their home right the third way of number three actually the third way that the third thing that you should be doing is forming an area choose an area that you want to build a presence in it can be a subdivision a condominium complex or a zip code whatever you want to do start to form that area and basically form in an area means continually putting yourself in front of these people whether it's through postcards or events or you know just you being active in the community so that they know that you are the trusted real estate agent for that area number four which is one of my favorite ways and it's if most y'all have been following my story this is kind of how I how I got started and that's through online marketing it's so easy to do this but so many people don't try because they think it's so complicated we're just putting yourself out there online like through YouTube or through Facebook Twitter all those networks you can start to put yourself out there and start to get in business so I definitely recommend online marketing to generate leads and my fifth and last way is simply asking for business if you're walking around like a secret agent nobody's going to know that you can help them in real estate so you have to ask for business asking friends family co-workers if you're still working another job just just ask people tell people that you're a real estate agent and ask how they can you know use you as a real estate agent whether it's just for a referral or just anything like you have to ask for business and there's a book that I recommend the book is called the power of who I was introduced this book a couple of years ago and it's basically I mean the whole story in that book is you know everybody that you need to know to be successful and so I really recommend reading that book as a matter of fact I'm going to put a link down at the bottom in the description here so that you can just click right on to Amazon order that book it's a great quick and easy and I definitely recommend anybody in any type of sales industry to read this book so thank you for watching I hope these tips have been helpful to you definitely use them they're quick and easy and they can really get you going if you're not subscribed to my channel yet be sure to subscribe I release videos every week and they can seriously help you but you have to subscribe I'd love to keep this conversation going in the comments below if you've tried any of these or you just need kind of some guidance on how to get started leave me a comment and if this video has been helpful to you be sure to leave me a thumbs up I will see you next week